Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a Small World App!

It's a small world book that I worked on earlier this year is now a fully animated app on i tune for ipand/iphone. it's a super fun app with sing along feature. feel free to check it out.


Grace said...

It's sooooo cute! Congrats!! =D

Anonymous said...

My daughter (who is 8) and I absolutely LOVE this beautiful app. Thank you for your artwork in it. Stunning. We are telling everyone we know with an iPad to get it. :)

Anonymous said...

JOEY!!! You did the art for the App!!! My baby and I go into
a hypnotic daze every time we look at it. It is stunning. Mary Blair inspired but your touch is so unique. I'm pissed that you don't get credit on the app every time i pull it up. I just did a google search. Maybe you were credited when I bought the app. Did you come up with all of the layouts and little animated moments? They are so damn charming. I'm sorry to go on but the art really blows me away. Ask Shannon. Every time I watch it I say out loud "who did this???" hope you got paid REALLY well.